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About me

Hi! I'm an Italian photographer, developer, musician & student of ComputerScience @UniTn. I love technology, graphic design, programming, numbers, networks, algorithms, data and many other things! I'm a dreamer interested in everything and in the future I would like to launch an ICT startup.

I love photography and art in general: my aim is to describe and document life through my personal point of view (and through the lens of my camera). I'm a guitarist for passion, reader for my knowledge addiction and sometimes writer for hobby (blog coming soon, I don’t have the time for all that code at the moment!).


I love the beauty and I insatiably look for it in people and things.
When it comes to branding, communication is everything: without the right image there is a risk that the product would not feel so attractive and would not live up to expectations.
For a couple of months I've been studying new communication techniques, business/management and economy/finance.
Thanks to many collaborations I'm experimenting branding models that gather creativity, graphic design, marketing (especially web) and search engine optimization for offering cutting edge products


I work essentially on the web.
I deal with front-end, developing websites with clear, clean and accessible contents. I prefer flat-design and open spaces.


I’m studying computer science and so I also develop different applications.
The programming languages I prefer are python and javascript. I love opensource and I try to release all my code on public license(es), with github.


photography & Reportage

I love photography, it has always fascinated me since I was at middle school.
I try to capture instants, emotions and daily life. I upload the most interesting shots on flickr.

New reportage from Palestine-Israel!

Worked With

Bold Design

graphic & design.

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design for bands.

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Photographer & webdesigner

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